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121. HICAP
at contributing to enhanced resilience of mountain communities, particularly women, through improved understanding of vulnerabilities,

Ideas from the global climate change hotspot research 09 May 2017, Published in The Kathmandu


sources of 10 major river systems in Asia that provide water, ecosystem services, and livelihoods to more than 210 million people. The region holds and distributes water for more than 1.3 billion people—a fifth of the

Mountain Geoportal

The spate of deadly disasters in the past 10 years stands testimony to the region’s vulnerability, especially that of isolated and often impoverished mountain communities.


129. Gender


Youth Seek Cooperation for Climate Action at IPCC Outreach Event 13 Apr 2017 Climate Change

working on issues related to climate change and adaptation in the Indus River basin participated in dynamic discussions at the

to discuss the impacts of climate change on mountain people, and the challenges and opportunities for policy and action to

News - HICAP

The frequency and intensity of flash floods is rapidly increasing in the Himalayan region. Flash floods carrying huge amounts of water, loaded with debris and sediment, are much more hazardous and tend to affect more people than normal monsoon

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139. NEWS

connecting numerous ecosystems and conserving biodiversity, sustaining livelihoods, providing timber and other resources and guarding