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Bolster water resources management in Afghanistan and support dependent communities and ecosystems

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River Basins and Cryosphere

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Harnessing the nourishing powers of Afghan waters

SWaRMA aims to bolster water resources management in Afghanistan. We study tributaries and watersheds in the Kabul basin and create regional linkages to neighbouring countries in the upper Indus basin.

We conduct various water resource management activities in the Kabul River basin in partnership with local communities and relevant ministries: water availability assessment, cryosphere monitoring, and flood monitoring and early warning, among other activities.

We seek to enhance capacities for increased resilience to shocks and disasters by co-creating knowledge. We also leverage existing platforms such as the Upper Indus Basin Network to encourage science-based dialogue between Afghanistan and neighbouring countries in the HKH region.

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Secure river basin ecosystems and reduced poverty through integrated natural resources management and improved transboundary cooperation

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Conversation with Associate Prof. Hedayatullah Arian

Associate Prof. Hedayatullah Arian, Head – Hydrometeorology Department, Kabul University, Afghanistan has been leading field-based glacier monitoring in Afghanistan organized by ICIMOD through the SWaRMA Initiative. He talks about the activities leading up to the successful implementation of the field-based Cryosphere Monitoring Programme.

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For mountains and people

We have a deep history of work across a broad range of issues enabling sustainable development in the complex environment of the HKH. We have been protecting the pulse for over three decades.

Community Based Flood Early Warning System


Community based flood early warning system (CBFEWS) is an integrated system of tools and plans managed by and for communities, providing real-time flood warnings to reduce flood risks.

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Water resource management

Upstream and downstream communities are connected. So are natural resources and human livelihoods. Improving the management of water resources in the HKH means recognizing those connections and building them into policy making and development planning.

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SWaRMA publications

You will find publications produced or related to this Initiative in HimalDoc, our publications repository. These resources include journal articles, books, book chapters, research reports, working papers, brochures, information sheets, and publicity materials, among other products.

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Meet the team

Both internally and externally, our multicultural staff and partners are our greatest asset. They provide us with a broad perspective across disciplines and offer us localized knowledge like no other.


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Read about SWaRMA's impactful and wide-ranging work in understanding and harnessing the power of Afghan waters.

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