Unified systems

We connect the landscape

There is strength in partnerships, and we are both a bridge and a catalyst here.
We work across levels, organizations, and countries facilitating regional cooperation, strengthening inter-governmental relations, and bringing member countries together.

For over three decades, we have worked tirelessly across the HKH to create a prosperous and environmentally secure region where people thrive. We have done so with the support of an incredible network of partners and peers who’ve helped us connect people, policy, and science. Our partners give us more presence on the ground where real impact and real change is made for the mountain people of the HKH.

We work with a wide variety of institutions forging partnerships that strengthen development, strategy and policy, operation and research, and knowledge, science, and networks. Working together with regional and international partners, we are committed to bringing about transformative change in the HKH by improving environmental conditions and strengthening the livelihoods of mountain and downstream communities.


We are a partnership organization working with and through an extended and diversified network.

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Our programmes and activities are supported by long-term donors.

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Hubs and networks

Bringing together experiences

We promote regional cooperation to foster rich dialogue and create transboundary opportunities across our hubs and networks.

Himalayan University Consortium

The Himalayan University Consortium (HUC) is a collaborative network of universities and academic institutions from the HKH and outside of it working on strengthening research and scholarship on issues from and relevant to the region.

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Koshi Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Hub

The Koshi DRR Knowledge Hub (KDKH) is a platform led and driven by its members to foster transboundary collaboration on disaster risk reduction and explore the interlinkages between science, policy, and practice.

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Upper Indus Basin Network

The Upper Indus Basin Network (UIBN) enables the crucial exchange of knowledge generated in the upper Indus Basin through meetings and conferences, as well as the Indus Basin Knowledge Forum where stakeholders from government, civil society, academia, the private sector, international organizations, and donor agencies come together.

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Private sector partnerships

Expanding the landscape

Private sector partnerships can strengthen sustainable development efforts. When companies make social and ecological concerns part of their business practice, it pays off. It’s increasingly recognized that environmental awareness and accountability are a social responsibility, a benefit to the bottom line, and a key component of effective development planning.

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Get involved

Whether you are looking to join our team, establish a partnership, or contribute to our mission, there are many ways in which you can make an impact.

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