Adaptation solutions portal

A knowledge sharing platform, presenting solutions from the HKH region. These solutions are divided into six core thematic areas as below.

About the solutions portal

The future of the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region looks challenging with high levels of ecosystem degradation, rising temperatures, climate change impacts, dwindling natural resources, and rapidly increasing outmigration. This calls for a focus on identifying and implementing affordable and replicable solutions that can build resilience and lead to a prosperous HKH

The Solutions Portal is a repository of success stories based on tried and tested technologies, tools, and approaches, which can be applied in similar contexts across the HKH region. These solutions are derived from knowledge co-created with ICIMOD’s partners and stakeholders who benefit from and sustain these interventions.

These solutions for building socio-ecological resilience can be understood as HKH-specific interventions that are applicable in the diverse mountain contexts of the region. They have been designed to contribute to a system’s recovery from shocks and stressors, improve adaptive capacity, and lead to transformative change.

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