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This form is to be filled by those interested in showcasing their solutions at the RESILIENT SOLUTIONS CONFERENCE AND EXPO 2022: Unlocking innovations and investments for green mountain economies 



    Detail information

    Year of implementation

    Thematic areas



    Please provide the contextual challenges (e.g. topography, local factors) and details of how the climate risks are currently impacting the targeted beneficiaries/communities.


    Please describe the solution in detail including the approach and innovation.

    Please describe in brief the steps/pathway/approach taken to tackle the problem

    What was the innovative element to this approach? Why is this solution innovative?

    Implementation and results

    Please provide details about targeted beneficiaries, number of targeted beneficiaries, cost of implementation, positive impacts, and challenges.

    Cost of solution

    (Unit cost for a solution/package of solution)


    Potential for scaling the solution (maximum 150 words)

    Links to SDGs *

    Human interest stories

    (Please use this space to highlight any interesting story relevant to this solution or mention quotation from beneficiaries who have benefited from it)

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    Awards/recognition if any

    Pitching your solution

    Are you interested in pitching your solution for potential upscaling during the Dialogue Cafe?


    Terms and conditions

    Agreement to the terms and conditions*

    Eligibility criteria

    • Individuals, organisations, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and research institutions can submit tested solutions including technologies with the potential for scaling up and building resilience
    • Preference will be given to proven solutions that are innovative and inclusive
    • More than one solution can be submitted

    Selection criteria and process

    There will be a rigorous review of all submitted proposals. The submitter must follow the instructions carefully and provide all relevant information. The organising committee will review the proposal and select the solutions based on the following grading criteria.

    1. Relevance to the theme (20%)

    The needs to fall within the following thematic areas:

    • Agriculture
    • Biodiversity
    • Disaster
    • Energy
    • Forestry
    • Gender and social inclusion
    • Tourism
    • Water
    • Air quality
    • Green infrastructure
    • Circular economy
    • Sanitation
    2. Innovation (30%)
    • The solution must address an issue of the local community/communities
    3. Impact (30%)
    • The proposal needs to provide solid evidence of the solution’s impact on the ground
    • The impacts must be across social, economic, and environmental dimensions
    • The proposal must highlight how the solution will benefit local communities
    4. Implementation feasibility (20%)
    • Solutions must have the potential to attract investment at scale
    • Solutions must have the potential to be scaled up in more than one country in the region

    Important dates

    5 September 2022: Call for proposals

    16 October 2022: Deadline for submitting proposals

    21 October 2022: Announcement of selected proposals

    5–7 December 2022: Conference and Expo

    For more information, please contact


    Srijana Joshi       Santosh Paudel       Akshay Gurung