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We share information

We are a knowledge hub, determined to remain open and transparent. We create open platforms that encourage collaboration and foster learning.

ICIMOD is a knowledge organization unlike any other, determined to remain open and transparent. We collate, share, and link to information on a multitude of topics relevant to sustainable mountain development in the HKH. We produce information in the form of research papers, policy briefs, articles, flyers, information sheets, short videos, and social media posts.

We facilitate workshops, conferences, lectures, and seminars to foster collaboration and networking. We publish data through our regional database system and other portals. Our knowledge is an asset we are determined to share and we want to see that knowledge translated into action.

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Map with HKH boundary, River basins and countries
Map with HKH boundary and countries
with Terrain and River Basins
Map with HKH boundary, River basins, countries, and satellite terrain
with Terrain No River Basins
Map with HKH boundary, countries, and satellite terrain
River Basins Country Names
Map with HKH boundary, River basins and countries


Knowledge creation

Sharing knowledge is at the core of our mission and we produce a range of publications – both technical and general – to reach audiences including researchers, policy makers, government bureaucrats, and the general public.

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News and features

Around the HKH


We seek to collaborate with global and local organizations and individuals through requests for proposals and expressions of interest. Click here to see if there's one to which you can respond or which you might like to share with your network.

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Events around the HKH

Our involvement

Information resources

Dedicated to sharing knowledge

ICIMOD creates and publishes exclusive content, delivering impact and ensuring accessibility through our open access repository and data portals, and publicly-accessible science applications.

Focus on poverty – beekeeping

Among many of ICIMOD's poverty reduction initiatives, beekeeping work has a deep history and far reach.

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Solutions and good practices

The Godavari Knowledge Park showcases locally-adaptive solutions, appropriate technologies, and other good practices for sustainable mountain development.

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Story maps

With interactive maps and multimedia, the story map approach illustrates a wide variety of issues and solutions across the HKH.

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Science applications

A collection of innovative and integrated geo-based solutions to support informed decision-making for sustainable mountain development policies and practices in the context of HKH region.

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Our polices and strategies

Our policies and strategies define what we expect of ourselves and our partners as we operate with integrity.

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