From the Director General

Our Director General offers his take on what’s happening within and beyond the region.

Building back biodiversity in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Our region – the Hindu Kush Himalaya – has been hit hard by the perfect storm of the triple planetary crises of climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. Against this backdrop, this year’s theme for the International Day of Biological Diversity – From agreement to action: Build back biodiversity – brings a renewed sense of […]

Earth Day 2023: critical call to ‘Invest in our planet’ as pollution envelops HKH

  As the Nepali New Year dawned, the sun’s rays shone weakly through the dense Kathmandu haze, and the city was shrouded in smog. Air quality in Nepal’s capital, along with Delhi, Dhaka, Lahore and other cities in Asia, often exceeds safe levels. Particulate matter in Kathmandu in the past week were recorded at 10 […]

Accelerating change for sustainable water management in the HKH

As we join the global community in marking World Water Day with the theme ‘Accelerating Change’, we are yet again reminded how critical this resource is, particularly to those of us living in the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) – a region that is the source of 10 major river systems, providing water to nearly 2 […]

International Women’s Day 2023 – Bridging the digital gender divide for equality in the HKH

Today is 8th March – International Women’s Day. Beyond celebrating the success of women in numerous fields and progress made in advancing gender equity globally, we must use this event as an urgent reminder that there is much more that needs to be done by all of us together to achieve gender equality in our […]

Change and loss in the new year

December and January marked the beginning of a major internal shift for ICIMOD, but amidst our excitement we received news about the crash of Yeti Airlines Flight 691 on 15 January and the tragic loss of our colleague Yuvraj Sharma, who was flying to Pokhara with his mother, daughter, and son. Yuvraj began his career […]

Building transboundary trust, cooperation, and partnerships

November has been an eventful month for transboundary cooperation on climate change, with COP27 taking centre stage. With optimism about COP27’s outcomes and the international community’s ability to limit warming to 1.5 degrees at perhaps its lowest ebb ever, ICIMOD’s engagement at COP27 and within the HKH region instils hope in our ability to build […]

The Hindu Kush Himalaya need institutions for better cooperation

As environmental pressures grow across the HKH region, it has never been more important that progress on a multilateral cooperation mechanism continues. On 15 October 2020, representatives from all eight governments of the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) signed a declaration at the Ministerial Mountain Summit. All ministers accepted individual country-level and common priorities to sustain mountain environments […]

Opinion: The Hindu Kush Himalayas need institutions for better cooperation

Himalayan countries can look to the Arctic Council, Alpine Convention and the Carpathian Convention to build multilateral cooperation mechanisms, advises the director-general of ICIMOD