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The Living Mountain Lab consolidates its applied function to complement and implement ICIMOD’s theoretical and field-based research.

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Our focus

Demonstrating sustainable technologies

The Living Mountain Lab has been designed and structured to help ICIMOD promote the development of an economically and environmentally sound mountain ecosystem, and to improve the living standards of mountain populations in the Hindu Kush Himalaya.

The Lab provides a practical pendant to the often more theoretical activities of the Centre. It is a place where different technologies, and farming and other practices useful for sustainable development can be tested, selected, and demonstrated; where farmers and those who work with them can be trained; and which can serve as a repository for plant germplasm resources and associated floral and faunal biodiversity.

The number of approaches being tested and demonstrated has increased over time, with the aim of covering all the different aspects involved in a genuinely integrated approach to mountain development and agriculture. The most recent development has been a renewed focus on community outreach, with off-site demonstration and training activities in the communities of the Phulchowki watershed in collaboration with a partner NGO.


Latitude: 27° 35' 19" - 27° 35' 41" N; Longitude: 85° 23' 16" - 85° 23' 44" E ; Altitude: 1540 - 1800 masl; Area: 30 ha; Slope gradient: 50 - 600 (North-facing)


To disseminate appropriate technologies, knowledge, information, and replicable experiences in the HKH region and other mountain systems through training and visits.


Set up in March 1993 on 30 hectares of land.

Visitors and training

Since it first became open to visitors in 1994, the Living Mountain Lab(formerly known as the ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari) has welcomed 87,924 farmers, development practitioners, students, researchers, and other members of the public into its premises. It regularly hosts training events where farmers and practitioners have a chance to gain hands-on experience using the technologies and best practices showcased.

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Activities and technologies

The Living Mountain Lab is a living library and demonstration site of technologies that support sustainable agriculture and development practices. It is accessible to all those with an interest in learning and in using these technologies.

Cover crops
Cover crops
Trombe Wall (Solar Technology)
Trombe Wall (Solar Technology)
Nursery propagation
Nursery propagation
3D or Vertical Farming
3D or Vertical Farming


Technology outreach mapping

Scaling of technologies by member countries

The Living Mountain Lab has played a key role in informing and strengthening activities and technologies adopted by our regional member countries to strengthen mountain livelihoods.

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