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Trombe Wall (Solar Technology)

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A trombe wall keeps rooms warm in winter and cool in summer! We demonstrate a simple trombe wall in the park and hope others will be inspired by the great potential of this #technology especially in mountain areas for heating and cooling living spaces using the sun’s #energy.


The #trombe wall is a south-facing masonry wall with a layer of glass spaced a few inches away. #Sunlight passes through the glass and is absorbed and stored by the wall. The outside wall is painted black to increase its absorptive capacity. The inside, or discharge surface, of the #TrombeWall can be painted white to enhance lighting efficiency within the space. However, the outside large dark walls sheathed in glass must be carefully designed for both proper performance and aesthetics.

#Solar #radiation is absorbed by the blackened surface and stored as heat in the wall. Air, in the space between the glazing and the wall, gets heated up and enters the living space through upper vents. Cooler room passes through the lower vents, thus establishing a natural circulation pattern. This technology is especially useful in the #mountains where the temperature is very low in #winter.

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