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When and how to fertilize #Kiwi plants?

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Fertilizing kiwi plants is an important part of their care and ensures a bumper crop and delicious kiwi fruit. The best time for manuring is in the winter season, ideally before the end of February.

To properly fertilize your kiwi plant, first water the base of the plant at least one to two days before application of fertilizer or manure. Apply the recommended amount (20kg/plant) of farmyard manure around the root zone of the kiwi plants. Mixing it in lightly with the soil underneath will keep it from blowing away and ensure that it can get all the way to the roots.

Manure (compost/farmyard) must be applied around the plants every year in winter (January-February), before the plant starts budding. After application of manure, the plant should be watered adequately. This should be done on the same or the very next day, at the very latest.

Trimming, pruning, mulching and watering are key components of the kiwi plants’ care, while timely manuring encourages better yield and bigger fruit size. Timely manuring of kiwi plants also assures healthy plants with prolific flowers. Using some straw or leaf-litter as a side dress is also recommended.

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