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Initiative goal

HUC is a mountain knowledge partnership among universities, ICIMOD, and our RMCs to promote research and learning.

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Mountain Knowledge and Action Networks

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Programme Coordinator, HUC


Strengthening capacity

We work together with universities to strengthen capacity by developing joint research and knowledge management programmes on contemporary topics.

Through our collaborations, we hope to ease some of the shortcomings that regional institutions may have in terms of capacity and funding. HUC partners develop, share, and adopt curricula designed to train students to meet present mountain challenges and those of the future.

HUC encourages and facilitates mountain-specific research, education, outreach, and practice to build a new generation of transformational leaders committed to advancing HKH-specific research and innovative policy solutions. We’re working towards a holistic voice for mountain development and research in the HKH.


Regional academic institutions capable of generating high-quality knowledge, capacity, and skills for sustainable mountain development in the HKH.


Enhanced collaboration and networking among Himalayan universities leading to increased capacity of professional women and men for sustainable mountain development through mountain-specific education.

Geo coverage

The Himalayan University Consortium’s reach extends the full breadth of the HKH region and travels beyond its borders.

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The HUC journey: How it started

HUC and ICIMOD – a concerted effort to build better universities in the Hindu Kush Himalaya.

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We promote research and learning through our HKH-specific mountain knowledge partnerships.

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HUC members

HUC has 60 full members who come from within the HKH and 17 associate members from beyond the region.

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Thematic Working Groups

HUC Thematic Working Groups

Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) are clusters of scholars and practitioners who share similar research and development, and scholarly interests. These groups are led by their members who share resources among themselves.

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For mountains and people

We have a deep history of work across a broad range of issues enabling sustainable development in the complex environment of the HKH. We have been protecting the pulse for over three decades.

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Socially constructed roles held by women and men in a specific society shape their responsibilities, behaviours, and attitudes towards each other and the world around them.

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Scaling up and scaling out

We recognize the multiple dimensions of scaling up (vertical expansion) and scaling out (horizontal expansion) ideas, solutions, and innovations.

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HUC in the media

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HUC publications

You can find publications produced or related to HUC in our publications repository, HimalDoc. These information materials include journal articles, books, book chapters, research reports, working papers, brochures, information sheets, and publicity materials including flyers and posters.

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Meet the team

Both internally and externally, our multicultural staff and partners are our greatest asset. They provide us with a broad perspective across disciplines, and offer us localized knowledge like no other.


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HUC has built an effective, sustainable network of universities and knowledge generating and exchange institutions within and outside the HKH region. Flip through to links below to find something to engage your interests.

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HUC webinars
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HUC media coverage
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HUC members
HUC members
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