Providing support

We influence and advance policy

We possess the spirit of a think tank, but remain grounded by the realities that surround us. We are driven towards impact, and seek out ways to bring our insights and perspectives to fruition.

We work to serve the women, men, and children of the HKH.

Our six regional programmes are designed to weave together the core tenets of our themes to ensure that the work we do is responsive to the needs and demands of the people and landscape we serve.

By communicating science from the HKH – the pulse of the planet, we hope to provide a measure of its health to the rest of the world.

We promote mountain focus in national policies, provide evidence for informed decisions, and test mountain solutions to be scaled up.

Addressing issues of poverty, gender, and governance are crucial to the work we do, and over the years, we’ve made significant advances in approaches that promote inclusive development and gender equality.

Sustainable mountain development can be achieved through regional cooperation, and we work to build human and institutional capacity to that end.

Global recognition of the importance of our mountains can help us work towards improved and resilient livelihoods and ecosystems in the HKH.

Our focus

For mountains and people

ICIMOD focuses on a broad range of issues, topics, and concerns in its work to enable sustainable development in the complex environment of the Hindu Kush Himalaya.

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Annual Report 2018

Connecting the region

The past year was an exciting time to be part of ICIMOD and its network of partners. It marked the first year in our fourth Medium Term Action Plan, and we have many things to be proud of.

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Success stories

Our lasting impact

The problems facing the people and mountains of the HKH aren’t just solved with brilliant theories. They are solved by having a hands-on understanding of the challenges of the region, and a truly holistic approach that places as much emphasis on implementation as it does on understanding.

Addressing the climate crisis in our HKH mountains
Addressing the climate crisis in our HKH mountains
Science and  mapping at the top of the world
Science and mapping at the top of the world
Promoting the HKH Assessment report
Promoting the HKH Assessment report
South–south learning in participatory forest management
South–south learning in participatory forest management

Knowledge park at Godavari

Introducing new technologies

The ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari is a research facility unlike any other in the world. Used to test, select, and demonstrate different technologies, the findings established here are passed directly on to inhabitants of the HKH.

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For mountains and people

Protect the pulse

This is our rally cry, our call to action, the force that drives us in three simple words. The HKH is the pulse of the planet and changes happen here before they happen anywhere else. Learn more about this critical global resource, and how we are here to protect it.

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Get involved

Whether you are looking to join our team, establish a partnership or contribute to our mission there are many ways you can make an impact.

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