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Regional Programmes

With a vast array of partners, we organize our work in what we call Regional Programmes. Each in their own way, these six programmes integrate knowledge, orient research into use, and deliver impacts across areas essential to sustainable mountain development in the HKH and the planet.

regional programme

Regional Programmes

An integrated approach

Our Regional Programmes build on ICIMOD's deep history of engagement and are formulated to deliver strategic results; promote transboundary cooperation; meet capacity-building needs in the region; and support long-term testing, piloting, and monitoring of innovative approaches.

Adaptation and Resilience Building
Communities across the HKH are adapting to climate change impacts and are building their resilience to environmental and socioeconomic shocks. Read More
Transboundary Landscapes
Conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources cannot be effectively achieved without considering landscapes defined by ecosystems. read more
River Basins and Cryosphere
Water is an essential element for life on our planet and its flows are connected upstream and downstream and across geographies. read more
240 M
HKH population
1.9 B
HKH upstream and downstream population
738 K
Downloads of our HKH Assessment report
An essential element of life, air flows across the planet. Air pollution problems in the HKH have many drivers and solutions. read more
Mountain Environment Regional Information Systems
Complex geographies within the HKH benefit from leveraging the power of Earth observation and geo-spatial technologies. read more
Mountain Knowledge and Action Networks
Individuals and institutions amplify effectiveness when they are connected through networks, sharing knowledge and taking action together. read more

Deep history. Broad engagement.

For mountains and people

ICIMOD focuses on a broad range of issues to enable sustainable development in the complex environments of the HKH.

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Success stories

Our lasting impact

The problems facing the people and mountains of the HKH aren’t solved on paper. They are solved through a hands-on understanding of the challenges of the region, and a truly holistic approach that places as much emphasis on implementation as it does on understanding.

Leveraging collective power through networks and platforms
Leveraging collective power through networks and platforms
Building a member-led consortium
Building a member-led consortium
HKH High-Level Task Force formed and activities begun
HKH High-Level Task Force formed and activities begun
From strength to strength
From strength to strength

Programme history

ICIMOD was started in 1984 with five programmes – Watershed Management, Off-farm Employment Generation, Rural Energy Planning, Engineering in Fragile Environments, and Information Systems for Mountain Development – together with a Documentation and Information Exchange service. Since then the Centre has witnessed many changes in its approach to programme formulation.

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For mountains and people

Protect the pulse

This is our rally cry, our call to action, the force that drives us in three simple words. The HKH is the pulse of the planet and changes happen here before they happen anywhere else. Learn more about this critical global resource, and how we are here to protect it.

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Get involved

Whether you are looking to join our team, establish a partnership, or contribute to our mission, there are many ways you can make an impact.

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