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The UIBN promotes coordination and collaboration to improve understanding of present and future water availability, demand, and hazards, and develop solutions for local and national stakeholders.

Member countries
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The network


The UIBN aims to foster coordination in research on climate, cryosphere, water, hazards, adaptation, and vulnerability.

The UIBN supports the Indus Basin Initiative in building resilience to climate change impacts by improving current understanding of climate change, cryosphere, and water resources, and strengthening networks for developing water and hazard management solutions.



Its members come from national departments, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and universities and educational institutions in Afghanistan, China, India, and Pakistan, as well as from ICIMOD and our international partners.




Technical Working Groups and knowledge base

Piloting of springshed revival in Bhutan

Technical Working Groups

Our six Technical Working Groups work on six specific issues.

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Writing workshop for special issue journals and edited books

Knowledge base

Our publications, knowledge products, and discussions inform the work we do.

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Partnerhips and collaborations

Technical Working Group leads and members collaborate to strengthen each other's work.

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The Upper Indus Basin Network A regional science forum
The Upper Indus Basin Network: A regional science forum
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UIBN workshop to enhancing science-based regional cooperation
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