Upper Indus Basin Network

Composition of RUAM

Regional UIB-N Annual Meeting

Regional UIBN Annual Meeting

The Regional UIBN Annual Meeting (RUAM) is organized once a year, chaired by the chairperson of the RSC.  The RUAM is attended by the RSC members (11), advisors (6), and the Leads of each TWG of the member countries (24). To bring in the regional prospective, 5 members from ICIMOD and 5 members from other international organizations, including those who are part of any country chapter, participate in the regional forum. All the decisions of the RSC are endorsed and approved by the regional annual meetings. The ICIMOD headquarters together with its country offices provide secretarial support to the Regional UIBN meetings.


composition of regional uibn annual meeting
Framework of regional UIBN annual meeting



Members Regional UIBN Annual Meeting (RUAM)

S.N Country Name Role in UIBN
1 Afghanistan Mohammad Naim Eqrar Coordinator and Chair UIBN
2 Afghanistan Mohammad Tayib Bromand Co-Coordinator
3 Afghanistan Fayezurahaman Azizi Advisor
4 Afghanistan Muhammad Hassan Faizee Advisor
5 Afghanistan Mohammad Rafi Qazizada Advisor
6 Afghanistan Fazulullah Durani Lead, TWGs, Group 1
7 Afghanistan Noor Ahmad Akhundzadah Lead, TWGs, Group 2
8 Afghanistan Rohullah Begi Lead, TWGs, Group 3
9 Afghanistan Sadia Bariz Lead, TWGs, Group 4
10 Afghanistan Abdul Ahad Kohdamani Lead, TWGs, Group 5
11 Afghanistan Fawad Ahmad Rahyab Lead, TWGs, Group 6
12 China DENG Wei UIBN-CN advisor
13 China HE Daming UNIB-CN coordinator
14 China DING Yongjian Co-coordinators of UIBN-CN
15 China CHEN Xi Co-coordinators of UIBN-CN
16 China NI Guangheng Co-coordinators of UIBN-CN
17 China LIU Yansui Co-coordinators of UIBN-CN
18 China WANG NAIANG Co-coordinators of UIBN-CN
19 China LIU Shiyin Secretariats of UIBN-CN
20 China WU Yanhong Secretariats of UIBN-CN
21 China YANG Kun LEAD of UIBN-CN of Group 1
22 China TIAN Lide LEAD of UIBN-CN Of Group 2
23 China ZHANG Yinsheng Lead of UIBN-CN of Group 3
24 China CHEN Xi LEAD of UIBN-CN of Group 4
25 China CHEN Nisheng LEAD of UIBN-CN of Group 5
26 China WANG Zhuo LEAD of UIBN-CN of Group 6
27 India AP Dimri Coordinator
28 India Farhat Shaheen Co-Coordinator
29 India Anil Kulkarni Advisor
30 India Chirstian Huggel International Advisor
31 India Ghulam Jeelani Lead, TWG 1
32 India Ashwini Kulkarni Lead, TWG 2
33 India Renoj J. Thayyen Lead, TWG 3
34 India Anand Kumar Pandey Lead, TWG 4
35 India Suraj Mal Lead, TWG 5
36 India Meeta K. Mehra Lead, TWG 6
37 Pakistan Muhammad Riaz Coordinator
38 Pakistan Hina Lotia Co-Coordinator
39 Pakistan Nisar Memon Advisor
40 Pakistan Shahid Hamid LEAD of Group 1
41 Pakistan Muhammad Tahir Khan LEAD of Group 2
42 Pakistan Adnan Shafiq Rana LEAD of Group 3
43 Pakistan Muhammad Ashraf LEAD of Group 4
44 Pakistan Zaheer-Uddin Babar LEAD of Group 5
45 Pakistan Arif Rehman LEAD of Group 6
46 Pakistan Khalid Mohtadullah UIBN Ex-Chairman
47 USA David Molden Advisor, RSC
48 Any donor org or relevatn international expert Advisor, RSC
49 ICIMOD Arun Bhakta Shrestha Advisor, RSC
50 Australia Wahid, Shahriar Member, International
51 ICIMOD Neera Shrestha Pradhan Member
52 Canada Professor Kenneth Hewitt International participant
53 Germany Prof. Dr. Hermann Kreutzmann International participant
54 The Netherlands Dr Arthur Lutz SustaIndus technical presentation
55 Austria Dr Barbara Willaarts International participant
56 Austria Adriano Vinca International participant
57 Germany Prof. Dr Marcus Nüsser International participant
58 Germany Prof. Dr. Matthias Winiger International participant
59 The Netherlands Prof. Dr. W.W. (Walter) Immerzeel International participant
60 Australia Paula Richardson International participant
61 ICIMOD Pema Gyamtsho DG, ICIMOD
62 ICIMOD Jawid Ahmad Jawid Secretariat, ICIMOD Afghanistan office
63 ICIMOD Mudassar Maqsood Secretariat, ICIMOD Pakistan office
64 ICIMOD Ajaz Ali Secretariat, ICIMOD
65 ICIMOD Sharmila Dhungana Secretariat, ICIMOD
66 ICIMOD Ashmita Shakya Secretariat, ICIMOD