Upper Indus Basin Network

Composition of RSC

Regional Strategic Committee

Regional Strategic Committee RSC

The Regional UIBN is governed through a Regional Strategic Committee (RSC) headed by the Chairperson. The committee is constituted by two members (Coordinator and Co-Coordinator) from each member country together with one member from any relevant international organization and two members from ICIMOD, and is composed of 11 members in total. The Chairperson is selected for a period of two years from among the RSC members. The position is rotated every two years among the member countries in alphabetical order. The The RSC meets biannually to assess the functioning of the network, provide strategic guidance to the UIB-N country chapters and to discuss the future course of action.


Composition of the UIB-N Regional Strategic Committee (RSC)
Framework of Regional strategic committee



Members Regional Strategic Committee(RSC) UIBN

S.N Country Name Role in UIBN
1 Afghanistan Mohammad Naim Eqrar Coordinator and Chair of UIBN
2 Afghanistan Mohammad Tayib Bromand Co-Coordinator
3 Afghanistan Fayezurahaman Azizi Advisor
4 Afghanistan Muhammad Hassan Faizee Advisor
5 Afghanistan Mohammad Rafi Qazizada Advisor
6 China DENG Wei UIBN-CN advisor
7 China HE Daming UNIB-CN coordinator
8 China DING Yongjian Co-coordinators of UIBN-CN
9 China CHEN Xi Co-coordinators of UIBN-CN
10 China NI Guangheng Co-coordinators of UIBN-CN
11 China LIU Yansui Co-coordinators of UIBN-CN
12 China WANG NAIANG Co-coordinators of UIBN-CN
13 China LIU Shiyin Secretariats of UIBN-CN
14 China WU Yanhong Secretariats of UIBN-CN
15 India AP Dimri Coordinator
16 India Farhat Shaheen Co-Coordinator
17 India Anil Kulkarni Advisor
18 India Chirstian Huggel International Advisor
19 Pakistan Muhammad Riaz Coordinator
20 Pakistan Hina Lotia Co-Coordinator
21 Pakistan Nisar Memon Advisor
22 Any donor org or relevatn international expert Advisor, RSC
23 ICIMOD David Molden Advisor, RSC
24 ICIMOD Arun Bhakta Shrestha Advisor, RSC
25 Australia Wahid, Shahriar Member
26 ICIMOD Neera Shrestha Pradhan Member
27 ICIMOD Jawid Ahmad Jawid Secretariat, ICIMOD Afghanistan office
28 ICIMOD Mudassar Maqsood Secretariat, ICIMOD Pakistan office
29 ICIMOD Ajaz Ali Secretariat, ICIMOD
30 ICIMOD Sharmila Dhungana Secretariat, ICIMOD
31 ICIMOD Ashmita Shakya Secretariat, ICIMOD