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Initiative goal

SERVIR-HKH uses data from a collection of Earth observing satellites, ground-based data and advanced geospatial information technology in innovative ways.

Member Countries

Our focus

Use information provided by Earth observation satellites

A joint initiative of NASA, USAID, and leading geospatial organizations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, SERVIR partners with countries in these regions to address critical challenges in climate change, food security, water and related disasters, land use, and air quality. Using satellite data and geospatial technology, SERVIR co-develops innovative solutions through a network of regional hubs to improve resilience and sustainable resource management at local, national, and regional scales.

SERVIR emphasizes the use of Earth observations, environmental monitoring, and visualization tools to fill key information gaps in data-scarce, developing countries.

While SERVIR draws from cutting-edge science and technology, the programme focuses on development impact and enabling countries to manage risks independently, helping partner countries advance in their journeys to self-reliance.

Implemented by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) as a regional hub, SERVIR Hindu Kush Himalaya (SERVIR-HKH) focuses on five of ICIMOD’s Regional Member Countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan.

Request for proposal

SERVIR-HKH Small Grants Programme

We invite concept papers for projects that utilize geospatial and Earth science tools and services to improve decision-making in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan.

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Around the HKH

Featured Science Application

Enhancing flood early warning systems

The Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region is extremely vulnerable to various types of water-induced disasters, given the region’s fragile geology, rugged terrain, and distinctive monsoon patterns. Consequent disaster impacts are often exacerbated by inefficient risk communication.

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Riverbank settlements


Issue I
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Issue II
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SERVIR-HKH publications

You will find publications produced or related to this Initiative in our publications repository – the HimalDoc. These information materials covers journal articles, books, book chapters, research reports, working papers, brochures, information sheets, publicity materials including posters, and others.

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Events around the HKH

Our involvement

Moving Mountain

For mountains and people

ICIMOD focuses on a broad range of issues, topics and concerns in its work to enable sustainable development in the complex environment of the Hindu Kush Himalayas.


Glacial Lake Outburst Floods

A Glacial Lake Outburst Flood, or GLOF, is sudden release of water from a lake fed by glacier melt that has formed at the side, in front, within, beneath, or on the surface of a glacier.

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Remote Sensing and GIS

Technology is starting to fill in the blanks in the scientific record for the Hindu Kush Himalayas, whose size and remoteness has served in the past as a major obstacle to data collection.

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Media coverage

We collaborate with partner agencies across the HKH to foster regional cooperation, synchronize data sources, share innovative solutions, and direct global attention to the region. Learn more about our work and their impacts.

How SERVIR uses satellite data

SERVIR connects space to village by helping developing countries use satellite data to address challenges in food security, water resources, weather and climate, land use, and natural disasters.

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Weather and climate

We embrace diversity

Meet the team

Both internally and externally, our multicultural staff and partners are our greatest asset. They provide us with a broad perspective across disciplines, and offer us localized knowledge like no other.

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