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Remote Sensing

Remote sensing technologies are providing new data sets and spatially referenced information to help scientists, development planners and policymakers make informed decisions.

From forecasts about crop yields, impending droughts and natural disasters to observations of forest growth patterns and the dynamics of snow and water, the range of topics that benefit from being analysed and modelled visually is vast.  ICIMOD is internationally regarded as a regional resource centre for geo-information and earth observation applications with a mountain focus.

Over the past two decades, we have developed and shared remote sensing and geographic information systems to assist decision-making at many levels. Within our own areas of focus, such as trans-boundary landscape conservation and river basin management, geospatial science is used to expand knowledge of scientific and socio-ecological challenges and ensure that programmes are informed by the latest and most extensive data.

Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing

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ICIMOD implements SERVIR-HKH in its regional member countries, prioritizing activities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan.

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WiFi Sensor 2
Wifi sensor with camera GIS 3
1. Satellite images of Jure Landslide 2. WiFi Sensor 3. Wifi sensor with camera