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Geospatial solutions theme supports our Regional Programmes to integrate spatial analysis in their research and develop information services to deliver actionable information to users.

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Our geospatial solutions team are up-to-date with global developments in Earth observation and geospatial technology and leverage their use to provide solutions to the complex problems in the HKH.

Earth observation has advance dramatically and together with geospatial methods to analyse remotely sensed data, we leverage opportunities to gain insights into regional scenarios, to integrate local scale processes with coarser scales, to characterise ecosystem conditions and changes, and to analyse effects of different management and development processes on the functioning of ecosystems.

Recent advances in Earth observation, near real-time data, in-situ measurements, and advancement of information and communication technologies have transformed the way information is generated and used to benefit society. We aim to make optimal use of these technological developments, closely linking observation and science programmes with decision support structures that translate knowledge into actionable information.

Did you know that the Global Climate Observing System has declared that 26 out of 50 essential climate variables are significantly dependent upon satellite observations.

The geospatial solutions theme has developed innovative methods for research work including:

  • Forest vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning
  • Mobile-based data collection
  • Landscape planning for resettlements using Geoplanner
  • Agent-based modelling for forest resource management
  • Participatory 3D modelling for community engagement and
  • Multi-scale flood risk mapping

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Funu Shrestha is currently working as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Analyst in our regional programme on Mountain Environment Information Systems

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Mountain GeoPortal

Innovative and integrated geo-based solutions to support informed decision-making for mountain development policies and practices.

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Regional Database System

Regional Database System

The Regional Database System (RDS) ensures the integrated management of centre-wide data and information incorporating geospatial, socioeconomic, and multi-thematic data at different levels.

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Our themes focus on discipline-specific knowledge. Working in partnerships, theme-based staff develop and customize methodologies and tools, and carry out innovative applied research to address the complex issues in the HKH.

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