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11 Dec 2019 | Water management

Prototype Flood Early Warning System (FEWS)

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Photo: Jitendra Raj Bajracharya/ICIMOD.

ICIMOD has designed and installed a prototype of a community-based flood early warning system at the Knowledge Park at Godavari in December 2012. The main purpose of establishing the prototype is to conduct research and development on the flood early warning system and replicate it in the HKH region. The prototype consists of a water level sensor, signal processor, transmitter, receiver, alarm siren and batteries with solar panel. When the water level reaches at pre-defined maximum risk level, the siren automatically produces, warning signal. This message is communicated by mobile phones to the downstream communities. A properly designed and implemented system can save lives and reduce property damage by increasing the time to prepare and respond to the threat of floods or flash floods.

Find more by visiting the Community Based Early Warning System (CBFEWS) page.

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