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Support functions and scientific sesearch

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Some general activities are carried out at the Knowledge Park at Godavari to support the trials and other activities; to provide the accurate information needed to enable proper interpretation of results; and to provide basic scientific information on important problems that affect mountain farming and natural resource management on a broad scale.

Cultivation Support – PFT, Polypit, Biopesticides

Polythene film technology (PFT) Polythene (plastic) film technology (PFT) is a method for increasing production of field crops by ...

Scaling up technologies

There are three main thrusts of the scaling up efforts. Collaboration with the NGO ‘Educate The Children/Nepal’ ‘Educate The Children/Nepal’ ...

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a method that aims to provide only as much water to plants as they need, and only ...

Income Generation through High-Value Cash Crops, Horticulture, and Beekeeping

Developing realistic opportunities for income generation is one of the most challenging tasks of development in mountain areas ...