Story maps

Collection of remarkable stories with custom maps that inform and inspire

Story maps help you tell remarkable stories with custom maps that inform and inspire. A story can effect change, influence opinion, and create awareness—and maps are an integral part of storytelling. Story maps gives the narrative a stronger sense of place, illustrate spatial relationships, and add visual appeal and credibility. Below you will find stories on a wide variety of issues and findings in the Himalayas through interactive map, text and multimedia components.

The Panjshir Flood in Afghanistan

Experts working within the SERVIR-HKH Initiative at ICIMOD investigated the 2018 Panjshir flood using remotely sensed imagery...

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The World's Highest Mountain Peaks

Interactive visualisation of the highest mountain peaks of the world that are above 8,000 meter from sea level.

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Potentially Dangerous Glacial Lakes of Nepal

This map story lists glacial lakes of Nepal that have been categorized as potentially dangerous based on...

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Assessing the Agricultural Difficulties in Nepal

This story map describes how farmers are demoralized by the problems that they are facing in the field.

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Imja lake - Fastest growing glacial lake of the HKH

This story map allows users to visualize the changes of Imja Glacial lake using a time-slider tool from 1992 to 2009 as well as it provides the basic information, charts and ...

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Pressure on forest resources of Nepal

According to the Nepal Land Cover Map 2010, the total forest area was approximately 39 percent of the total land area of Nepal.

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Participatory 3D Model (P3DM) of different locations

ICIMOD has been promoting P3DMs as a tool for understanding the geographical dimensions of mountain landscapes...

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Understanding Forest Fragmentation in Lorpa Watershed

In Nepal, deforestation, forest degradation, and forest fragmentation are affecting forest resource based livelihoods.

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Decadal Glacier Changes in Bhutan Himalaya

The application showcases changes in the glaciers in Bhutan from 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010. The interactive glacier maps were prepared for four decades using a uniform data set and methodology

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Reaching New Heights

Documenting fieldwork on the Rikha Samba Glacier

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Data on horseback

The story map follows team of researcher from ICIMOD, Bhutan's NCHM, and BASH, Germany on an annual cryosphere research expedition to Thana Glacier in Bhutan from 27 August–26 September.

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