Disaster Risk Reduction


Creating a bamboo-based economy which is good for the people and planet

Bamboo plays a crucial role in land restoration, biodiversity conservation , and livelihood generation due to its extensive root system, phenomenal growth rate, unparalleled strength and historical cultural association.

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The sponge city initiative for urban resilience

A sponge city uses landscapes and green infrastructure to retain valuable water resources at source and promote natural retention, infiltration, and purification – like a sponge – for drainage.

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Reducing carbon footprint and energy use through rammed earth construction

Conventional construction materials and practices have a huge carbon footprint as the production of cement, bricks, aluminium, and metals is highly energy-intensive and emits large volumes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

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When the problem is part of the solution

Pine forests dominate the middle ranges of the sub-Himalayan region. The needles of pine trees that accumulate over time in forest areas inhibit the growth of other vegetation, creating a monoculture.

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Eco-friendly bricks and disaster-resilient houses

We help communities build green, safe, and affordable houses by replacing fired bricks with compressed stabilised earth bricks (CSEBs).

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Putting out fires
Putting out fires: Predicting and curbing forest fire damages in Nepal

Around 40% of Nepal’s geographical area is covered by forests. There is a high dependency on these forests for everyday needs and livelihoods.

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Saving lives and property
Saving lives and property — The fight against yearly flash floods

Floods and flash floods are major natural hazards in the Hindu Kush Himalaya. They are catastrophic to vulnerable riverside communities, particularly during the monsoon season. Floods can be disastrous even in small rivers and tributaries. The frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events and natural hazards in the region is increasing with climate variability and change.

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