Community–enterprise partnership in Bhutan for nature-based products

n Dagala, a village near Thimphu, Bhutan, local community groups have linked up with a manufacturing company to cultivate and harvest dwarf rhododendron, which is used to produce nature-based products.

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Making use of non-recycled plastic

Almost 40% of global plastic waste is generated for packaging, which includes single-use multi-layered plastics (MLPs) used in food packaging.

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Reducing emissions from transport by changing behaviour

Greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector worldwide is growing rapidly. In Nepal, the number of motor vehicles has risen to 263,500, nearly doubling in a decade.

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Creating a circular economy in areca nut farming

Farmers in Bhutan are forced to burn areca nut residue, thereby worsening air pollution. Working in Gelephu, a town in Sarpang District, Deki Natural Dyes has been innovatively addressing this problem via multiple solutions.

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