Atmosphere Initiative

The Atmosphere Initiative

30 Sep 2022 Atmosphere
Third Policy and Advocacy Network Asia Meeting

The Policy and Advocacy Network (PAN) Asia meeting will bring together governments, policy makers, stakeholders, and influencers to share and receive updates about the state of brick production and understand newer and sustainable solutions for cleaner brick production.

27 Jul 2022 Atmosphere
Reflecting on the ICIMOD–FNBI partnership

The Federation of Nepali Brick Industries (FNBI) has been a key partner in our efforts to create an enabling environment for uptake of the cleaner zig-zag brick production technology in Nepal and other South Asian countries.

3 May 2021 Atmosphere
Investigating air quality in the Kathmandu Valley: The need for data

What could be behind the deterioration in air quality in the Kathmandu Valley and elsewhere in the HKH? The HKH is an atmospherically turbulent region with areas of high population density and which is experiencing rapid industrialization, further population growth, urbanization, and major shifts in land use and landscapes. Major regional sources of air pollutants […]

14 Aug 2020 Atmosphere
Black carbon and glacier melt

How emissions affect our water systems Meteorological conditions play an important role in glacier melt, particularly in the pre-monsoon season. There is, however, another contributor directly related to anthropogenic atmospheric emissions – black carbon (BC). It affects approximately 28% of total glacier melt in the HKH. Understanding this aspect of climate change is vital for […]

14 Aug 2020 Atmosphere
A burning problem

Crop residue burning affects public health and contributes to regional pollution and global warming. Farmers across the Indo-Gangetic Plain periodically burn post-harvest biomass and excess vegetation in fields, mostly in preparation for sowing the next crop. This results in local and regional air pollution, affecting atmospheric and cryospheric processes, public health, ecosystems, transport, and agriculture. […]