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Reflecting on the ICIMOD–FNBI partnership


Dhulikhel, Nepal

Date & Time

27 July 2022 to 28 July 2022

About the meeting

The Federation of Nepali Brick Industries (FNBI) has been a key partner in our efforts to create an enabling environment for uptake of the cleaner zig-zag brick production technology in Nepal and other South Asian countries. We are meeting with the FNBI Executive Committee, members of its Technology Research and Development Committee (TRDC), showcase kiln owners, and district presidents to review and reflect on the ICIMOD–FNBI partnership, and FNBI’s approaches and successes in improving working conditions and building a cleaner and more sustainable brick industry in the region.



Since 2013, our Air Pollution Solutions (APS) Initiative has worked to transform South Asia’s brick sector into a cleaner and healthier industry by improving air quality through reduced emissions from brick production, increasing social and economic benefits for businesses and communities, and reducing adverse impacts on health. Since 2018, APS has also worked to integrate socioeconomic, gender, and equity perspectives into cleaner brick production through pilot efforts in Nepal. Through inter- and intra-industry partnerships, with partners such as FNBI, we have transferred best practices for a healthier, cleaner, more sustainable brick industry across South Asia and enabled improved working conditions in brick kilns in Nepal and Pakistan.


ICIMOD–FNBI partnership

APS has supported FNBI in engaging with the government and other key stakeholders, including banks, and built capabilities to lead disparate kiln entrepreneurs towards profitable and cleaner brick production. The ICIMOD–FNBI partnership has successfully scaled-up lessons from Nepal to Pakistan’s brick industry, which is ten times larger than Nepal’s.

When ICIMOD brought together brick producers from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan to form the Federation of South Asia Brick Kiln Associations (FABKA), FNBI played a leading role in helping set up its Secretariat in Nepal. FNBI’s commitment also resulted in successes in adopting and up-scaling of the zig-zag technology in Nepal and Pakistan, leading to noteworthy regulatory changes from the Government of Pakistan to encourage kiln conversion. The FNBI General Assembly endorsed the social code of conduct for the brick sector in Nepal, which has been disseminated to district associations. The partnership has also introduced innovations in both Nepal and Pakistan – piloting pellets, gas firing, and internal fuel. Together with FNBI, we have established an incubation centre in Lalitpur and seven showcase kilns across Nepal.



Wednesday, 27 July 2022
Time Programme
08:30–09:00 Registration – Badri Karki, FNBI
09:00–09:15 Welcome and programme overview – Bidya Banmali Pradhan, Regional Programme Manager, Atmosphere, ICIMOD
09:15–09:25 Opening remarks – Shankar Bahadur Chand, President, FNBI
09:25–09:30 Opening remarks – Mahendra Bahadur Chitrakar, Former President and TRDC Coordinator, FNBI
09:30-09:35 Opening remarks – KP Awal, Senior Vice President, FNBI
09:35–10:00 Participant introductions
10:00–10:45 Group photo and tea break
10:45–11:15 Overview of ICIMOD–FNBI collaboration – Bidya Banmali Pradhan, ICIMOD
11:15–11:30 Social component of cleaner brick production – Kamala Gurung, Gender Specialist, ICIMOD
11:30–12:45 Showcase kiln presentations – seven kilns (10 mins each)
12:45–13:45 Lunch break
13:45–14:45 Open floor discussion
14:45–15:00 Introducing SWOT exercise and group division
15:00–15:30 SWOT – Technical aspects
15:30–16:00 SWOT – Capacity building
16:00–16:30 SWOT – Social component
16:00 – Tea to be served
16.30–17:15 Overview of SWOT exercise (15 mins each) – FNBI
17:15–17:30 Wrap up Day 1 – FNBI


Thursday, 28 July 2022
Time Programme
09:00–10:30 Recap Day 1
Discussion on SWOT findings
10:30–10:45 Financial reflection of collaboration – Bijay Kumar Shrestha, Senior Programme Finance Officer, ICIMOD
10:45–11:05 Partnership reflection session – Santosh Raj Pathak, Partnership Officer, ICIMOD
11:05–11:20 Tea break
11:20–11:45 Instructions and grouping for participatory reflection session
11:45–12:15 Participatory reflection session
12.15–12:30 Presentation of participatory reflection session – FNBI
12:30–13:30 Lunch
13:35–13:50 Innovations (Incubation centre, alternative fuel and building materials, mechanisation) – FNBI
13:50-14:00 Clean bricks outreach discussion – Mona Sharma, Communications Officer, ICIMOD
14:00-15:15 Open floor discussion
15:15–15:30 Tea break
15:30–16:30 Way forward: How to improve technical work including curriculum
16:30–16:40 HI-REAP introduction
16:40–17:00 Closing session – FNBI