18 Jul 2022 HIMAP
HKH High-Level Task Force formed and activities begun

Our work forging increased regional cooperation has been guided by the Ministerial Declaration ...

18 Jul 2022 HIMAP
Mountains in the global climate agenda

2021 was an important year for ambitious climate and conservation action. The UN Climate Change Conference ...

11 Feb 2022 HIMAP
Mountain focus in the upcoming IPCC Working Group II Report: Plenary approval process begins on 14 Feb 2022

The IPCC – the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change – is ...

9 Jul 2021 HIMAP
A mountain voice in global forums

Highlighting regional conservation and development issues in global platforms and processes

9 Jul 2021 HIMAP
The HKH and the decade for climate action

Making a compelling case for recognition as a uniquely important but highly vulnerable region

24 Feb 2021 HIMAP
Deepening regional cooperation for climate action: HKH High-Level Task Force convenes

The first meeting of the HKH High-Level Task Force took place virtually on 22 February 2021. ...