25 Apr 2023 Press releases
Worst April heatwave in Asian history: Scientists urge action to avert catastrophic impacts across HKH

Read in Chinese   With Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar and Pakistan all hit by crippling heat as temperature records were broken across Asia this month, scientists at ICIMOD are urging global governments and businesses to make faster emissions reductions and development agencies to invest greater climate finance in efforts to accelerate adaptation for the region. […]

Leveraging collective power through networks and platforms

Climate change impacts call for transboundary cooperation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. As a knowledge network, the Koshi Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Hub (KDKH) brought together various stakeholders from across the Koshi River basin in its annual dialogue on managing transboundary risks in a multi-hazard environment. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority, Nepal, Bihar […]

Harnessing partnerships to address food insecurity

Fodder shortage in the winter is a major concern for farmers and households in the Hindu Kush Karakoram Pamir Landscape (HKPL), shared by Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. We are working with the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme in Pakistan and Lanzhou University in China to improve fodder production in the region. Through a pilot […]

Cleaner bricks

In 2021, the Government of Pakistan recognised the country’s Brick Kiln Owners’ Association as a formal trade organisation. This major win was made possible by the adoption of clean technologies and systemic changes achieved through efforts we have co-led with our partners since 2017 and with support from national and local governments as well as […]

Indigenous voices

To help reinforce the importance of indigenous local knowledge (ILK) in adaptation and resilience building, we are supporting efforts by indigenous scholars and organisations within and beyond the HKH through the Himalayan University Consortium’s (HUC) Thematic Working Groups. Women indigenous scholars from HUC member universities are leading studies that bring indigenous voices to the fore […]

Promoting understanding of local air pollution implications

Since radio has both a large user base and low barrier to access, it is an important platform to build public awareness. From our Atmosphere Programme, our media partnerships in 2021 have evolved into cost-sharing partnerships with umbrella radio networks in Nepal and Pakistan to amplify co-created air pollution messages in the form of science-based […]

Disasters don’t wait, and neither should preparedness

Community-Based Flood Early Warning Systems (CBFEWS) function best when stakeholders – community caretakers, nodal authorities, trainers, and most importantly the community itself – form a strong community-led communication network. Then ownership builds and preparedness grows. Communities and authorities in Pakistan have shown us just that.In November 2021, we helped CBFEWS master trainers – who underwent […]