Regional Cooperation

27 Feb 2023 Regional Cooperation
Community cooperation across Nepal-India border saves lives during floods

NGOs say an early warning system helps around 64,000 people who live along the Ratu River every year, thanks to volunteers alerting those downstream of high river levels   Every year, residents of Bhagwatipur in southern Nepal struggle to sleep during the monsoon. Between June and September, this village of around 500 households on the […]

21 Feb 2023 Regional Cooperation
Three projects in South Asia putting gender at the centre of responses to climate change

From who is most affected to who gets to be in the room when decisions are made, gender affects every aspect of our relationship with climate change. The Third Pole looks at three projects aiming to change the conversation   Gender imbues every aspect of our relationship with climate change, especially in the South Asian […]

15 Feb 2023 Regional Cooperation
Four South Asian cities show the way for collaborative, low-emission development

The creation of Urban Low Emissions Development Strategies in cities in Bangladesh and India shows the value of sharing knowledge and insights at the local level   Cities are major sources of greenhouse emissions, globally producing more than 60% of planet-warming gases. At the same time, urban areas are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, particularly […]

10 Feb 2023 Regional Cooperation
Opinion: Regional cooperation in South Asia crucial for meeting biodiversity targets

Cooperation between South Asian countries is crucial if the biodiversity targets set in Montreal last year are to be met. Ecosystems services experts from the World Bank and ICIMOD explain how to achieve this.   South Asia is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. Home to almost 15.5% of the world’s plant species and […]

Opinion: A united South Asia can beat air pollution

A new World Bank study finds that collaboration across borders could slash the cost of tackling air pollution, while delivering better results   At a recent meeting for the launch of a new World Bank report on air pollution, held in Kathmandu, Pema Gyamtsho, director general of ICIMOD, asked by a show of hands how many people in […]

30 Jan 2023 Ecosystem services
Opinion: Nature-based solutions essential for future of the Himalayas

As the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss escalate, the countries of the Hindu Kush Himalayas are well placed to draw on nature – and indigenous and local knowledge – in designing solutions   Since time immemorial, people around the world have been using nature to address major challenges they face in their daily […]

28 Jan 2023 Regional Cooperation
Opinion: Early disaster warnings from India Meteorological Department benefit all South Asia

The decision at the last UN climate summit to strengthen early warning systems could lead to more precise information on disasters for the entire region, from Afghanistan to Thailand In a world where climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather events, early warning systems that allow affected people to respond in […]

24 Jan 2023 Regional Cooperation
Opinion: How the India-Bangladesh waterway builds cooperation

As the two countries expand river-based trade and travel, environmental and local concerns have been integrated into the planning of transboundary waterways projects   On 13 January 2023, the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, flagged off the MV Ganga Vilas on the longest motorised river cruise in the world. On its maiden voyage, the vessel is […]