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No Homes No Water 22 Apr 2016, Published in Nepali Times Trudge for Water gets longer as springs dry up in Nepal’s mid-hills 21 Apr 2016, Published in Yahoo India News, IANS Trudge for Water gets longer as springs dry up in

Contact Us From water consumers to water conservers: How waste water reuse and recycling can reduce water drudgery for women पूर्र्वीय दर्शनमा मानव–प्रकृति

notably as the ‘water towers’ of the world and global reservoirs for biodiversity. The event also highlighted the vulnerability of mountains and of those who depend on them, underlining that the value of the ecosystem goods and

SERVIR-Himalaya: Small Grant Programme

Adaptation knowledge gaps have been identified, repeatedly, as a barrier to widespread and successful adaptation actions. The Lima Adaptation Knowledge Initiative (LAKI) recognises this challenge. Initiated by the United Nations Framework Convention

in Myanmar 25 Dec 2015 Water assessment in Tsirang, Bhutan 17 Nov 2015 Community led Micro planning training in the HKH 12 Oct 2015 Water management training in Myanmar 12 Oct 2015 Team visits climate smart Indian cardamom farms 12 Oct

to better understand water availability and use 14 Sep 2015 CIMOD and HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Nepal initiated a collaborative action research to develop local water Use Master Plans (WUMP) for the Koshi Basin Programme in three

in the understanding of water challenges crucial, say experts 06 Jul 2015 The Panel, chaired by Director General Dr David Molden of ICIMOD and facilitated by Dr Philippus Wester, Principal Investigator of the HI-AWARE Consortium, discussed

Using spaceborne SAR in synergy with other methods for forest above-ground biomass assessment in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan (HKH) Region

Spatial Modeling of Climate Change Impacts on Two Major Cash Crops in Nepal

Building Community Resilience to Flood Hazards Using Geospatial Technology

A Geospatial-scenario planning framework for Assessing risks and impacts of forest fire

Youth Perspectives on Promoting Green Economy in South and Central Asia - ICIMOD Side Event: Planet Under Pressure 2012

in SciDev.Net Addressing water scarcity Addressing water scarcity 22 Mar 2016, Published in The Kathmandu Post Field survey in Bhutan's most at-risk glacial lakes Missing Voices 08 Mar 2016, Published in The Kathmandu Post New

Web-based Landslide Early Warning System for the Chittagong Metropolitan Area

Climate Change and Business

Enabling people of Chitwan district to manage forest fire

the soil erosion and water runoff problems associated with traditional outward-sloping terraces by reshaping the land into a series of level or gently sloping platforms across the slope. This technology is a variant of sloping

READ MORE Tackling water scarcity in Barshong 06 May 2016 A team of officials from ICIMOD and the District Agriculture Office in Tsirang visited Himalica pilot sites in Barshong, Bhutan, from 21 March to 8 April 2016 to sensitize local

ICIMOD celebrates World Water Day 22 Apr 2014 Workshop held on Place-based Studies in Pakistan and China under HICAP 22 Apr 2014 World Water Day 2014, Pakistan: ‘Water and Energy’ 17 Apr 2014 Training in kiwi fruit cultivation in