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A project in Nepal’s middle hills works to address problems of water scarcity

Strategies and approaches

Reviving Springs and Providing Access to Solar Powered Irrigation Pumps (SPIP)

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A HI-AWARE team, together with local partners, undertook field visits to the Teesta and Gandaki basins in Nepal and India in the first quarter of 2015 to identify potential study sites as well as the major issues playing out in those sites.

Solar powered irrigation pumps (SPIP) provides an alternative technology that has been tested widely in the region and has been found to be a technically proven and workable solution and is suited for all categories of farms – large holder, small

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Challenges of hill communities in Nuwakot District

Water is a gendered issue, particularly in the mountain areas of the Hindu Kush Himalaya. Inequalities between men and women, characterized most acutely by women’s lack of control over and limited access to productive resources...

melting, landslides, and water scarcity overload our everyday lives. The stories of environmental degradation are so overwhelming that there is a sense that we cannot really do anything about it. Yet, there are

About the Programme

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Nepal Story on Story on Water Use Master Plan (WUMP) 31 Aug 2017, Published in Aankhi Jhyal A

Upgrading satellite-based flood forecasting with near real-time Jason-2 satellite altimeter data

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