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As the world conservation community enters the fourth year of the UN Decade on Biodiversity (2011–2020), it is time to retrospect, introspect, and set new targets. On the occasion of the IDB, we would like to celebrate our achievements and

Vanisa Surapipith

Nature-based development policies can bring inclusive growth in South Asia

New Studies Provide Insights on Glaciers in the Greater Himalayan Region

Call for a new agenda to sustain mountains as a global commons

ICIMOD’s current work on Energy

The region has high hydropower potential, but the changing climate and likely changes in the hydrological regime may pose a risk to future hydropower development. The changing probabilities and magnitudes of extreme events can place an additional

Discussion summary - The Earth Debate in the Hindu Kush Himalayas: Can We Put a Price on Nature?

AdaptHKH Programme

The small grant and small scale application programmes were started in July 2014 with the aim to expand the network of organizations, universities, and institutions in the HKH region to improve capacity in evidence-based decision making...

“Climate + Change - Indian Himalayan Region: Our Mountains, Our Future” initiative is an innovative, open-ended initiative to foster Climate Smart Communities throughout the Indian Himalayan region. Becoming Climate Smart requires increased

Who is Doing What

513. News

Rajan Kotru

Policy engagement

Learning about no-till methods through farmer-to-farmer dissemination

International Mountain Day 2013

Connecting Terrestrial ‘Islands’ to Promote Biological Diversity

My main focus at GRID-Arendal is on communicating and advocating mountain and Arctic climate and environment issue...