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Climate Change in Downstream Areas of the Indus River Basin: Local Perceptions and Adaptation Measures

Retreating Indigenous Bee Populations (Apis Cerana) and Livelihoods of Himalayan Farmers

Mountains cover 22 percent of the world’s land surface and are home to some 915 million people, representing 13 percent of global population. With an area coverage of four million square kilometres, the Hindu Kush Himalayan region provides home to

Lessons from the Barahchhetra community in the Koshi River Basin of Nepal

Gully plugging using check dams

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The Haat Bazaar brings ICIMOD and its partners together in one platform to showcase, sell, and share their products and know-hows to the general public. It will provide information on how to access markets, agricultural technologies, extension

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food Growing off-season vegetables is often synonymous with excessive chemical pesticide usage. But farmers here grow seasonal vegetables and also some off-season vegetables primarily relying on Jholmal. While entertaining new visitors to

Intensive fieldwork for place-based study on Food Security and Gender in Assam

The village of Bhoterungti in Kavre Palanchowk District, Nepal was one of many settlements in the region affected by the April 2015 earthquake. Most houses were constructed with bricks and mud mortar and were deemed unsafe.

Sustainable Management of Beekeeping in Nepal: An Effort of ICIMOD

and land management, organic farming, and vegetable production. Participants were given hands-on training on how to make organic manure and organic pesticide to promote organic farming in the sites. Similarly,