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Collaborative Action Research on Pollination

Collaborating organizations/ Partners - Bees and Pollination

Success stories

Beneficiaries - Bees and Pollination


About Bees and Pollination

Media Fellowship Programme 2017

The ‘Rural Livelihoods and Climate Change Adaptation in the Himalayas (Himalica) Initiative’ facilitated a three-day micro-planning workshop in Kyaung Taung village near Myanmar’s Inle Lake.

Voices from the field

Voices from the field

International conference on Addressing Poverty and Vulnerability in the HKH

Poverty and vulnerability assessment

The Indus River Basin is shared by four countries Afghanistan, China, India, and Pakistan, with the largest portions of the basin lying in Pakistan (52%) and India (33%). The main river originates at Lake Ngangla Rinco on the Tibetan Plateau in the