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Clean Energy Access for Mountain People

impact Hindu Kush-Himalaya water supplies 20 Dec 2016, Published in Social News XYZ Climate change will impact Hindu Kush-Himalaya water supplies 20 Dec 2016, Published in Daily World Climate change will impact Hindu Kush-Himalaya water

How big earthquakes rattle spring dynamics

Anjal Prakash


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Food security

Solar powered irrigation pumps (SPIP) provides an alternative technology that has been tested widely in the region and has been found to be a technically proven and workable solution and is suited for all categories of farms – large holder, small

melting, landslides, and water scarcity overload our everyday lives. The stories of environmental degradation are so overwhelming that there is a sense that we cannot really do anything about it. Yet, there are

Policy analysis

Agriculture ecosystem

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Economic valuation of ecosystem services

In the mountains, permafrost stabilizes rock slopes, moraines and debris-covered slopes. For instance, moraines consist of loose sediment often held together by permafrost. When permafrost thaws, slopes become more vulnerable to erosion. Debris and


A community-based flood early warning system (CB-FEWS) is an integrated system of tools and plans to detect and respond to flood emergencies. It’s managed by the communities themselves and, if properly designed and implemented, can make the

Spring management

Sustainable energy

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