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ICIMOD is helping communities along the route to improve sanitation, manage waste effectively, and end open defecation. Entrepreneurs are also catering more effectively to the large numbers of Indian and Nepali pilgrims who are vegetarians, learning

The action research explores how remittances can be used by households to improve their ability to prepare and respond to disasters and reduce vulnerability.

Local people are leading its management through the ANCA Management Council, which includes elected representatives from villages within the nearly 2,000 square kilometre area.

The worldwide rapid response team, coordinated by ICIMOD, inventoried landslides and mapped dangerous obstructions such as landslide-dammed lakes and rivers, sharing the results quickly with the Government of Nepal and aid agencies and later with

ICIMOD partnered with the Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) to create an online hub that streamlines information from multiple sources into a comprehensive National Disaster Relief and Recovery Information Platform (NDRRIP).

Solar pumps are as powerful as diesel pumps, but cleaner, less expensive, quieter, and easier to use. The operating cost, after the price of the pump itself, is essentially free. The added findings on gender equity could make them an even more

ICIMOD’s work in India to develop the value chain for tulsi made notable strides this year as farmers moved beyond basic production and enhanced their capacities in product improvement and marketing, which meant more profit for rural women.

The objective of the capacity building and training programme is to enhance and strengthen the capacities of forest institutions in Nepal in utilising geo-information, and applying spatial tools and techniques to support planning and decision-making

ICIMOD’s first step: Address the water problem through rooftop rainwater harvesting, new ponds, and better management. The idea proved so popular that households not involved in the pilot began building the water systems themselves.

The Strategic Framework for Resilient Livelihoods in Earthquake-Affected Areas is a sign of the depth of policy engagement between ICIMOD and the Government of Nepal. It also prompted other development agencies to seek ICIMOD’s assistance in

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The Indian butter tree is a superb multitasker. It controls erosion, grows in poor soil, its seeds are made into butter, its flowers make a tasty honey – and it can help farmers out of poverty. That’s why it’s earned a role in value chain

Working with farmers in six villages in northern Chitral, researchers found that honeybee pollination increases the size of the apple, its shape, and its colour. Overall production was also much higher in orchards where bees were deployed

24 Sep 2015 Improved methods to measure forest above-ground biomass in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region through satellites 24 Sep 2015 Helping flood information reach communities 24 Sep 2015 Nepal’s Digital Agriculture Atlas Launched

Nepal Forests, water and sustainable growth of cities 28 Aug 2016, Published in SIWI-mediahub HI-AWARE researcher Binod Parajuli’s article, featured in ‘Online Khabar’. 18 Aug 2016, Published in

research for basic adaptive methods in wetlands... READ MORE Community led Micro planning training in the HKH 12 Oct 2015 A three-day regional Training of Trainers (ToT) on Community-led Micro-planning organised by the Rural Livelihoods and

Lanzhou, China. READ MORE Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio (SDIP) - Annual Dialogue 21 Aug 2014 - 22 Aug 2014 READ MORE Cold Regions – Hot Topics: Food Availability in a Changing Climate 14 Aug 2014 The seminar focuses on

READ MORE Improved methods to measure forest above-ground biomass in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region through satellites 24 Sep 2015 This research study developed methodologies for forest AGB estimation in the Hindu Kush Himalayan