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ICIMOD’s Energy Work in the Past

The Karakoram Area Development Organization (KADO) and Kunjerav Villagers Organization (KVO) selected the 70 candidates from the Karim Abad and Soost valleys. Master trainers from ITSD, Danin, Chitral, provided the training, which included both

The aim of “research into use” at ICIMOD means generating knowledge and practices that develop capacity and drive innovation for addressing the challenges that face mountain people

Transboundary Landscape Conservation

ICIMOD’s current work on Energy

Capacity Building

for the Adoption of Solar Powered Irrigation Pumps in Nepal’s ... Application of Eight-step Methodology for Reviving Springs and Improving Springshed Management in ... Projected Impacts of Climate Change on Forests in the


Though a variety of interpretations exist, the term ‘benefit sharing’ references a new set of programmatic methods to reconcile the uneven incidence of costs and benefits resulting from hydropower development, an attempt to recognise the diverse


Satellite Rainfall Estimation II

HKH Cryosphere Monitoring Project


Flash Floods

High altitude wetlands

High Altitude Wetlands

Satellite Rainfall Estimation



Up-Downstream Linkages