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Farmer-to-farmer diffusion

Substantial outcome at 2nd WCRP CORDEX South Asia Workshop

Sustainable Soil Management Programme (SSMP)

Indigenous Honeybees and Honey Hunters of Himalayas: A case of Apis laboriosa in Kaski District of Nepal

Celebrating International Mountain Day 2014

ICIMOD Hosts First Green Solutions Fair at ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari

Bhutan becomes first regional country to benefit from MODIS Snow Cover data prepared by ICIMOD SERVIR-Himalaya

International Day for Disaster Reduction 2012

Adaptation to Change

171. NEWS

Organic pest management

Base KSL Information System Publications Contact Us Related News Cause and Impact: The 2015

Disaster risk management


Nepal is going through a phase of economic development, and consequently, a lot of water resources projects are being planned and constructed. Unfortunately, the country still takes the conventional project-by-project approach to development, which

ICT for Mountain Development Award 2016

179. Snow

Charcoal, a carbonaceous solid renewable fuel that is obtained as a residue left after the burning of wood and other biodegradable organic matter, is considered an important source of energy for both domestic and industrial purposes. Its demand has