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International Women’s Day 2014 Celebration at ICIMOD

ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari

Nepal Pakistan Partnership Partnering with ICIMOD Private Sector Partnership Strategic Planning,


Over the past decade, concern for the changes wrought on ecosystems and livelihoods by climate and other changes has prompted greater awareness of the importance of this valuable resource for mountain people and downstream populations. However,


Knowledge Management and Communication

Nepal-ICIMOD Day: Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Building in Nepal

We all know that water is essential for life and is a basic requirement for the health and wellbeing of humans, ecosystems, and the natural processes upon which all living beings depend. What is perplexing is that, given this knowledge, why we do

International Mountain Day 2013

Lipy Adhikari

Basant Pant

Pradeep K. Mool

Mandira Singh Shrestha

Ujjwal Bajracharya

The Rural Livelihoods and Climate Change Adaptation in the Himalayas (Himalica) Initiative is financed by the European Union and aims to support poor and vulnerable mountain communities in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region in mitigating and

Suman Bisht

Anu Joshi Shrestha

Pallavi Pradhan