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The training was attended by 24 participants (four women and 20 men). Climate change effects were analyzed from the perspective of sustainable cardamom production and productivity. The implementation of climate-resilient practices along the cardamom

Women Environment Leader


Pratikshya Kandel

Celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity

Promoting tourism in parts of the HKH has emerged as a promising avenue for development, but one that requires careful attention to the landscapes in which communities hope to attract increasing numbers of travelers. While the increased tourist


Evaluation Principles

ICIMOD Program Impact

Neha Bisht

Hammad Gilani

Mohammad Akaram Salamani

Bandana Shakya

Farid Ahmad

Sanjeev Bhuchar

Swasti Shrestha

Rekha Rasaily

Seminar 2 - Session 3

A common vision for Himalayan University Consortium