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Cryosphere monitoring 2

Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Chi Huyen Truong

Water resources assessment and monitoring

Disaster risk management

KSLCDI Components

Varsha Upraity

Umesh Upadhyaya

Rajani Shahi

Brij Mohan Singh

Economic valuation of ecosystem services

The Hindu Kush Himalayas are a hot spot of climate change. There is already evidence of major changes affecting mountain areas, with potentially devastating consequences for hundreds of millions of people in the mountains and downstream. Adaptation

Upstream and downstream are connected. So are natural resources and human livelihoods. Improving the management of water resources in the Hindu Kush Himalayas means recognizing those connections and building them into policy making and development

Spring management

Food security

576. Gender

Sustainable energy

Migration and Remittances


A community-based flood early warning system (CB-FEWS) is an integrated system of tools and plans to detect and respond to flood emergencies. It’s managed by the communities themselves and, if properly designed and implemented, can make the