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A New and More Rewarding Vocation for Beekeepers in Himachal Pradesh, India

The Hindu Kush Himalayas are a hot spot of climate change. There is already evidence of major changes affecting mountain areas, with potentially devastating consequences for hundreds of millions of people in the mountains and downstream. Adaptation

Sushil Raj Pandey

Integrating disaster resilience in ecosystems management

Bangladesh Mountain Day Message

We come from all the countries in the HKH region and many countries beyond, at present some 19 different nationalities in all, and we cover the diverse range of subjects related to sustainable mountain development.

Myanmar and ICIMOD has been working in the area of capacity building, institutional strengthening, internships, research and demonstration, and regional and international workshops and conferences, among other activities. ICIMOD`s partner

Strategic Framework

Brij Mohan Singh


Today, stories of climate change, glaciers melting, landslides, and water scarcity overload our everyday lives. The stories of environmental degradation are so overwhelming that there is a sense that we cannot really do anything about it. Yet, there

Pradyumna J.B. Rana

International Women

Kamal Prasad Aryal

135. Wei LI
Wei LI

Private Sector Partnership

DG’s message on the launch of The Impact of Nepal’s 2015 Gorkha Earthquake-Induced Geohazards

Dorothea Stumm

Sami Joshi

Chomu Prerna Thapa