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Different approaches

Hindu Kush Karakoram Pamir Landscape

High Value Cash Crops

Hindu Kush Karakoram Pamir Landscape

Distribution of Material

Hindu Kush Karakoram Pamir Landscape

News Archive

Hindu Kush Karakoram Pamir Landscape

Bhutan, India, and Nepal agree on a regional cooperation framework for conservation and development in the Kangchenjunga Landscape

We finally stood up. Our eyes were closed, our hands held in a circle. Our ears were pricked up to the tune of singing cicadas. Only the call of the cuckoo punctuated their song. We allowed ourselves two minutes to soak up the music.

control and harvest runoff, planting trees and grasses, and fencing the site to control grazing. The main purpose was to re-establish vegetative cover on the

Key Steps Developing a beekeeping enterprise

Biodiversity Conservation

Organic pest management

prepared from a variety of plant ingredients soaked and fermented in cattle urine provide a suitable alternative to chemical pesticides, at least for subsistence and semi-commercial vegetable producers. These pesticides are based on

Retreating Indigenous Bee Populations (Apis Cerana) and Livelihoods of Himalayan Farmers

Vegetation Management

Legume integration

Fruits, Nuts and Spices

Biomass Study