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Community efforts for improving drinking water quality

Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research, and Development (LI-BIRD)


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Farmer-led experimentation

Improving terraces with farmers

Learning about no-till methods through farmer-to-farmer dissemination

Land distribution and allocation for riverbed farming

Min Bahadur Gurung

Sharing labour to implement contour bunding

Local initiatives for rehabilitating degraded communal grazing land

About the Factsheets

Low cost drip irrigation

At ICIMOD, the Transboundary Landscapes (TBL) Regional Program and Geospatial Solutions theme currently utilises the ARIES modelling platform to assess the sacredness potential of the Kailash landscape based on the data on cultural sites from India,


Farmer-to-farmer diffusion

Riverbed farming

A multiple-use water system

Tomato grafting