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Disaster-prone Kosi basin in Bihar to be better warned about floods 07 Feb 2016, Published in Yahoo India News, IANS Disaster-Prone Kosi Basin In Bihar To Be Better Warned About Floods 07 Feb 2016, Published in NDTV, Indo-Asian News Service

Open burning is common in the HKH and a convenient way for farmers to eliminate of large quantities of crop residue. This practice also serves to prepare fields for the next crop cycle – wheat in spring and rice in summer.

Two eyes on Asia - Living with too much and too little water in the Himalayan region

farmers in six villages in northern Chitral, researchers found that honeybee pollination increases the size of the apple, its shape, and its colour. Overall production was also much higher in orchards where bees were deployed intentionally

Mountain Innovations

Nepal is going through a phase of economic development, and consequently, a lot of water resources projects are being planned and constructed. Unfortunately, the country still takes the conventional project-by-project approach to development, which

through eastern Nepal and northern Bihar in India before joining the Ganges. READ MORE Annual review and planning workshop 16 Aug 2016 - 18 Aug 2016 In its five-year implementation phase (2012 – 2017), the Kailash Sacred Landscape