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Promoting mountain products for better livelihoods

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Talking mountain partnership in Turkey

We finally stood up. Our eyes were closed, our hands held in a circle. Our ears were pricked up to the tune of singing cicadas. Only the call of the cuckoo punctuated their song. We allowed ourselves two minutes to soak up the music.

Mountain Geoportal

The Hindu Kush Karakoram Pamir Landscape (HKPL) Initiative at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) is working to promote transboundary cooperation to support conservation and development in the far western region of

Lessons from the Barahchhetra community in the Koshi River Basin of Nepal

International Day for Biological Diversity 2011

Workshop between Nepalese industry group and ICIMOD links business activities to sustainable mountain development

35. News

Locals draft participatory plan


Forest fires are a major challenge in Nepal, where large patches of forest are lost each year as a result of fire incidents. In recent years, the number of forest fire incidents has risen, further contributing...


ICIMOD Shares Package of Good Practices from Nepal