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Global Youth Forum on Mountain Issues and Sustainable Actions Sends Appeal to Rio 20 Delegates

Workshop between Nepalese industry group and ICIMOD links business activities to sustainable mountain development

International Mountain Day 2013

11 December 2011: Celebrating International Mountain Day and Launch of the World Mountain Forum

the abundance of natural resources in the HKH sustains the livelihoods of more than 1.3 billion

ICT for Mountain Development Award 2014

It’s high time businesses invested in mountain ecosystem management

Special Event - Sustainable Mountain Development in the Context of Rio+20 - 12th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

diversity, and natural resources. It is also home to inaccessible, remote, and fragile regions where local populations live in poverty. Managing ecosystems in the region

Compared to cities on flat open plains, cities surrounded by or next to high mountains face additional challenges in managing air quality. The mountains influence ventilation by blocking or channeling air flow.

Bangladesh Mountain Day Message

Asia–Pacific youth issue declaration for mountain issues

Resilient mountain village

Mountain Day 2011

Agriculture ecosystem

Mountain Day 2011

Mountain Day 2011

Promoting mountain products for better livelihoods

The Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) sources of 10 major river systems in Asia that provide water, ecosystem services, and livelihoods to more than 210 million people. The region holds and distributes water for more than 1.3 billion people—a fifth of the