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Across the Hindu Kush Himalayas, forest fires are devastating to local communities and ecosystems, and are a huge challenge for forest managers. The first challenge to stopping forest fires is getting accurate and timely information, including...

Integrated Water and Hazard Management

Towards a better understanding of water resources management in the Hindu Kush Himalayas

Integrating disaster resilience in ecosystems management

Office launched to monitor REDD in Nepal through community forest management

Participatory hedgerow management

It’s high time businesses invested in mountain ecosystem management

Soil Management

Compared to cities on flat open plains, cities surrounded by or next to high mountains face additional challenges in managing air quality. The mountains influence ventilation by blocking or channeling air flow.

Special Event - Business Opportunities in Himalayan Ecosystem Management - 12th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

Enabling people of Chitwan district to manage forest fire

Expert Consultation on Research and Management Priorities for High-Altitude Rangelands and Their Interfaces

on data compilation and management was organized at ICIMOD on 5-6 April 2016. About 15 participants, including representatives from various partner organizations from the regional member countries Bhutan, China, India,

Governing and Managing Forests and Other Common Property Resources in a Period of Climate Change

Spring management

as part of the ecosystem management component of the Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative to increase the capacity of Indian professionals in PNRM planning and support the team to develop a PNRM

Consultations for Ecotourism Policy and Management Strategy in Myanmar

ICIMOD, in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Division (WCD) of Department of Forest and Park Services (DoFPS), Bhutan, organised a seven-day regional training on Participatory Ecosystem Based Planning and Management (PEBPM)...