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than a hundred local community members participated in a training workshop in late January to learn about management of invasive alien plant species to make bio-briquettes and bio-composting. Participants ranged from students from different

10 Jun 2015 Indian farmers meet local entrepreneurs in Dadeldhura 26 May 2015 Third Regional Meeting for Kangchenjunga Landscape Initiative 11 Mar 2015 ICIMOD and Aaranyak monitor and improve the CBFEWS in Assam, India 18 Feb 2015

READ MORE ICIMOD raises mountain issues at World Water Forum 26 May 2015 READ MORE Indian farmers meet local entrepreneurs in Dadeldhura 26 May 2015 READ MORE Grave situation in Sindhuli as recovery begins 25 May 2015 The villagers

When our HIAWARE research team visited the small Bihari village in early February, we found Chharki’s streets lined with bamboo cottages topped with thatched roofs. Outside, women and children loitered. Very few men were visible. The children,

More and more products and services today pass through a global value chain to reach consumers. The goal of optimising productivity at each level of the chain impacts natural resource use at different stages. Through value chain, resources begin,

The key pilot interventions are to develop packages of practices and to demonstrate climate resilient technologies and practices focusing on climate change adaptation and livelihood improvement.

Roundtable on Mainstreaming Inclusive Business

ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari

Abdul Wahid Jasra

Iris Leikanger


Non-solar Technologies

Renewable Energy Technology

Integrated watershed management for landslip and stream bank stabilisation

Vast stretches of fertile floodplains of the Koshi basin is one of the most agriculturally abundant regions of Bihar (India) and Nepal that frequently suffers from significant flood and drought events attributing to low agricultural productivity,


rocks, aquifers, and mountain springs; application of hydrogeology for understanding spring systems... READ MORE ICIMOD’s REDD+ Himalaya initiative kicks off in Nepal 30 Jul 2015 The Initiative is a regional level project jointly

Today the group is selling allo thread at NPR 1,100 per kilogramme, an increase of NPR 300 per kilogramme (27%). The intervention addressed KLSCDI’s Nepal target output: to strengthen pro-poor and inclusive value chains addressing income

Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) facilitated a seven-day learning exchange visit of Nepal

SABAH works to empower marginalised women by offering a means to build livelihoods as home-based workers. The organisation recently became a major partner of the Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KSLCDI) in Nepal...