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Rajan Kotru

David James Molden

403. Events

results in loss of lives and livelihoods displacing millions

Dhrupad Choudhury

Adaptation to Change

biodiversity and improves livelihoods by providing a source of cash

About Innovation Fund Project

Vision and Objectives

Urbanization is leading to water scarcity for millions of people in the growing cities of the Hindu Kush Himalayas. The massive river systems that supply the water for a range of daily needs, from drinking water to electricity generation, can’t

Spring management

412. Water
Much of the water originates around the highest mountains on earth, a region often called “the third pole” because of its immense concentration of snow and ice, the largest outside the Arctic and Antarctic. Relying on a complex interplay of

Air, Snow, and Glaciers


GIS and Remote Sensing

Air quality

A community-based flood early warning system (CB-FEWS) is an integrated system of tools and plans to detect and respond to flood emergencies. It’s managed by the communities themselves and, if properly designed and implemented, can make the

418. Snow


Chanda Gurung Goodrich